Supporting women in crisis. Period. 

We believe all women should have access to period products during their period. But many are experiencing period poverty, unable to access or afford them. That’s why we're working towards our goal to eliminate period poverty in Britain's most deprived communities by 2025.


Pads are also being distributed to crisis areas across the world including Syria and Ukraine.



Together we can end period poverty

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Raising money to provide period products

The Gift Wellness Foundation supports women in crisis by providing non-toxic sanitary pads.


Fundraising for the Gift Wellness Foundation not only improves the lives of women in crisis – it’s also extremely rewarding.

Whether you’re a school, business, community group or individual, simply click on 'Start a Fundraiser' and set up your page now.


You can also support the cause by buying pads from the Gift Wellness website at Thank you for making a difference!


Fill in the form below to let us know that you want to get involved and we'll be in touch with more details. 

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'The Gift' now a #1 Bestseller

One Woman's Journey from Tragedy to Building a Global Business for Good.

We're excited to announce that 'The Gift: One Woman's Journey from Tragedy to Building a Global Business for Good,' penned by none other than the Founder and Chair of the Gift Wellness Foundation, Dr. Zareen Roohi Ahmed, is now an Amazon #1 bestseller.


You can find it on Amazon as both a paperback and an ebook. If you have read it, we'd love it if you left a review or let us know your thoughts. Just follow the link below to buy a copy.


This book is more than a memoir; it is a beacon of inspiration, chronicling the transformative power of turning grief into a crusade for good. Each word is infused with the spirit of our mission – a mission you have helped propel forward.


Let's continue to weave this story of kindness, determination, and hope together.


Exciting Partnership with Aspire

We’re thrilled to partner with Aspire, an organization which gives women the freedom and support to change themselves and the world. Founded in 2001, Aspire were the first company in the UK to specialize in coaching and leadership development for women. For every place that is purchased for an Aspire event, they will donate pads
to women in crisis through the Gift Wellness Foundation.

Running to Fight Period Poverty

On the 9th October 2022, consultant gynecologist, Mr. Pisal (2nd to left in the photo) of London Gynecology hospital put on his running shoes and joined 40,000 runners in the Chicago Marathon to fight period poverty with the Gift Wellness Foundation. On his return to London, Chair of the Gift Wellness Foundation, Dr Zareen Roohi Ahmed, personally thanked Mr. Pisal at his Portland Street clinic and was presented with a cheque for £7,619. Zareen and Marketing Manager, Sara Wolfe from London.

Deployment to Lebanon

Delivering period products to women in Syrian refugee camps - Lebanon

In August 2022, Dr Zareen Roohi Ahmed, our Chair, joined a deployment of volunteers on a mission to distribute 500 boxes of period products and other essentials such as shampoo, soap and washing powder to Syrian women across 6 refugee camps.

Happy International Women's Day!

Statement from our Chair

Safeguarding the dignity and promoting the empowerment of women and girls everywhere is at the heart of everything we do. For every pack we sell of our Gift Wellness menstrual products, we donate pads to women who can’t access or afford them, and with the help of our period poverty charity, we’ve donated over 6 million so far, to homeless and refugee women, foodbanks and shelters. But there is still so much to do. 


How your donation will help

£1,000 = 11,083 sanitary pads. Helps 123 women for 6 months
£5,000 = 55,416 sanitary pads. Helps 615 women for 6 months
£10,000 = 110,832 sanitary pads. Helps 1,230 women for 6 months

£20,000 = 221,664 sanitary pads. Helps 2,460 women for 6 months

£30,000 = 332,496 sanitary pads. Helps 3,690 women for 6 months

£50,000 = 554,160 sanitary pads. Helps 6,150 women for 6 months

(Based on average need of 15 pads per month)


Who we help


Women in refugee camps

More than 12 million female refugees in the world have little or no sanitary protection. The situation is so desperate that they have to resort to tearing strips off their clothes to create make-shift pads. Working in partnership with charities on the ground in refugee camps we’re helping to preserve the dignity of women by supplying non-toxic sanitary pads directly to them.

Homeless women

The number of homeless women in the UK is on the rise. According to Shelter, rough sleeping rose by 15% in 2017 and 14% were women. We’re working with homeless charities, women’s refuge projects and food banks in the UK to donate period products to those who can’t afford to buy food, let alone sanitary protection.

Female students

Plan International’s 2017 report found that 48% of girls aged 14-21 in the UK were embarrassed by their periods. The shocking stats continue. 14% of girls admitted that they did not know what was happening when they started their period and 26% reported that they did not know what to do when they started their period. 78% of girls didn't feel comfortable discussing their period with their teacher. The impact? Shame, embarrassment and missing school. As well as donating period products to girl's schools in poor parts of the world, we're  working with schools in the UK to normalise the conversation about periods and empower our young women to fulfil their ambitions without being held back. 

Women in low income employment

Can you imagine having to choose between buying sanitary pads for you and your daughter(s) or food for your family? This is an issue which affects millions of women in the UK, yet one that’s often overlooked. Surprisingly, many of these women are in professional roles, like teachers and nurses. Working with food banks in the UK we donate sanitary pads to support women and their families living on the breadline, so they don’t have to go without.


Supporting women in refugee camps

Donating sanitary pads to Rohingya women in Bangladesh

In partnership with two UK-based charities, we’re providing sanitary pads to Rohingya women in Cox’s Bazaar refugee camp, Bangladesh – the largest refugee camp in the world.

The Communities Against Poverty (CAP) Foundation runs a women’s health centre. Our latest donation of 10,560 pads is supporting women who are giving birth at the centre - 60,000 Rohingya women and young girls have given birth in the camp after being raped in Myanmar. Iqra International is helping us to provide sanitary pads to schools in deprived areas of Bangladesh, where girls are often prevented from going to school when they start their period.

3,862,335 pads donated to refugee camps

We’re making progress, but we need to reach more women. Your donations will help us to achieve that.

Major Donors & Corporate Philanthropists

“Our major donors and corporate philanthropists are extremely vital to us. By working together, we can transform the lives of so many women and girls.”

-Dr Zareen Roohi Ahmed, Founder of The Gift Wellness Foundation

Download our Major Donors & Corporate Philanthropists brochure here


When you're ready to make your donation, please download the donation form here, complete the donation form and email it to us at

Donating non-toxic pads to promote better menstrual health

The women we support have enough to deal with without worrying about whether their pads are ‘safe’ for use. That’s why the pads we donate are made from natural ingredients only – free from harmful chemicals that exist in other sanitary products on the market.


If you’re a company that produces non-toxic sanitary pads and would like to donate your pads to women in crisis, we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch. Thank you.



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Who We Are

Our Mission

To provide menstrual products to women and girls who can’t afford them or can’t access them, both in the UK and globally.

The Gift Wellness Foundation’s focus for 2019-2025:
Our Background

Supporting homeless women

Donating sanitary pads to the growing number of homeless women in the UK

So far, we’ve donated more than 500,000 pads to homeless charities in the UK, including The Homeless Period and In Kind Direct. In 2019, we’re focusing on a more strategic approach to reach the growing number of homeless women by working with local authorities and local charities.

We’re making progress, but with the growing number of homeless women living on our streets, we’ve got a challenge ahead of us. Your donations will help us to reach more women, sooner.


sanitary pads donated to women in crisis since 2013 

Our Period Angels Initiative to Eradicate Period Poverty by 2025 Launches with Local GP Practices Leading the Way

In a concerted effort to tackle period poverty head-on, our pioneering national initiative "Period Angels" is set to launch across the UK.


Spearheaded by the Gift Wellness Foundation in collaboration with Qualitas, an award-winning advisory and training services company working in partnership with NHS England, this groundbreaking project aims to eliminate period poverty in Britain by the year 2025. Leading the charge are local GP practices.


At the heart of this initiative lies the Period Angels app, a unique digital platform designed to bridge the gap between those in need of menstrual products and generous donors.


Our founder, Dr. Zareen Roohi Ahmed states, "Period poverty affects one in ten women in the UK, depriving them of access to basic menstrual products, with the Period Angels app and the unwavering support of GP practices and volunteers nationwide, we are taking significant strides towards a future where period poverty is relegated to the history books".


The Period Angels app serves as a seamless conduit between donors and recipients, allowing users to locate nearby drop-off points for product donations or access free period products at designated pick-up locations. By the close of 2025, the initiative aims to enlist the participation of GP practices in every town and city across Britain, collaborating closely with essential local organisations to combat period poverty at its roots.


Recent studies have underscored the alarming prevalence of period poverty, with 10% of girls in the UK unable to afford menstrual products and 15% struggling to meet the associated costs. The Period Angels initiative seeks to redress these disparities by offering a sustainable, community-driven solution.


Operating akin to a food bank, this initiative stands as a testament to the power of collective action in addressing pressing social challenges. Individuals facing financial constraints or limited access to period products can avail themselves of the resources provided by the Period Angels Station at their local GP practice & other participating facilities.


With plans underway for the nationwide rollout of the Period Angels project in March, this initiative represents a significant milestone in the ongoing fight against period poverty, underscoring the power of compassion and community-led action.

Supporting women in low income employment

Donating sanitary pads to food banks in the UK

Many women on low incomes, even those in professional roles, are struggling to afford sanitary pads. The role of food banks has never been so necessary within our communities. Thanks to movements like ‘Me Too’ and organisations like ours, awareness of period poverty is growing and we’re beginning to ‘normalise’ the conversation. We’ve donated more than 350,000 pads to food banks in the UK so far.

2,123,427 pads donated

It’s a start, but we’ve still got a long way to go. With your support, we can provide sanitary pads to even more women while continuing to raise awareness of this widespread issue. No woman should face period poverty.

For enquiries and information

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We’re a charity committed to improving the lives of women in crisis by donating sanitary pads. We support women in refugee camps, homeless women, female students and women in low income employment. Join us in the fight against period poverty.

Gift Wellness Foundation registered charity number: 1182451 


Tel.: +44 (0)8445008566 



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